pcProx® Mat

Pressure Sensitive Mat for Automated Secure Access

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The pressure sensitive pcProx Mat eliminates the security risks and privacy concerns associated by automatically securing a workstation based on user presence. The mat is designed to be positioned in front of workstations or kiosks, where a user would normally sit or stand. Using pressure sensitive technology, the pcProx Mat is able to automatically detect user presence and enable both logon and logoff capabilities. Upon a user’s arrival, the pcProx Mat can be configured to automatically open a logon window to the workstation. Once the user walks away, the mat will then automatically lock the workstation until the next user. By automating the logon/logoff process, the pcProx Mat easily enforces company security policies while providing a cost and energy saving solution.

Through Keyboard Interface Technology (KIT) the pcProx Mat sends commands via the USB interface directly to the computer. KIT essentially turns the mat into a pre-programmed USB keyboard, making for simple user interaction. For example, under Windows XP®, the pcProx Mat can send the “CTL - ALT - DEL” sequence when the user approaches a workstation to ready the computer for password entry. When the user steps off the mat, it sends the “Windows Key + L” key sequence, thus locking the system.

  • Automatic workstation locking
  • No user involvement needed
  • Hands free operation
  • True plug and play
  • Fully configurable
  • Energy efficient
  • Intergrates with all existing security
  • Uses keyboard interface technology


  • Easy Installation
    The pcProx Mat is designed to easily fit within a workstation area and connect via attached USB cable to a computer. Once connected, the device operating system will automatically detect and install any required drivers. Use of the configuration application is needed to input the desired locking sequence. The pcProx Mat is configured with the pcProx Sonar application.
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with Windows CE® / 2000® / XP® / XPe® Vista®, and Citrix. Open USB Port, 200K free disk space.
  • Automatic Workstation Lock
    Timeouts and relying on users to manually log off are ineffective and create security issues. Strengthen security by eliminating manual user entry.
  • Simplify Logon
    Can be programmed to prepare the workstation when the user returns. Simply step on the pcProx Mat and it will initiate the logon sequence.
  • Meets Company Computer Policies
    Automating work station security and eliminating manual user log-off capabilities removes security risks associated with unattended computers.
  • Energy Efficient
    Saves energy and can pay for itself. The pcProx Mat can immediately place the workstation in standby mode when the user leaves, thereby saving energy and reducing costs.


  • Power supply: 5.0V USB port
  • Operating temperature range: 40° to 120°F
  • Operating humidity range: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Minimum PC Requirement: Compatible platform, OpenUSB Port, 200K free disk space
  • Certification: FCC Certification, United States

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