Cost Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS):
With the advancement of technology, cost of printing is being optimized towards offering reasonable solutions for printer owners. But, with bad maintenance, smudgy printing, unauthorized printing, slow printing and paper jams like problems increases the cost of printing and thereby making it expensive for organizations. If you have a larger infrastructure, the cost of printing can incur substantial expenses for consumables and maintenance. We at Sanctum Technologies offer you smarter Managed Print Services (MPS) that can save a lot of irrational costs and optimize your printing infrastructure.

Studies and Researches specify that most of the companies spend 5-15% of their revenue on expenses related to printing. As per a research of International Data Corporation (IDC) and subsequent suggestions, it is evident that with Managed Print Services and organization could save 20% - 30% of its printing related costs. This can only happen if you are hiring some professional MPS solutions provider like us.

Sanctum Technologies offer you cost benefits with its MPS solutions in two broader spectrums:

Cost Reduction:
Sanctum Technologies make printer fleet rationalization by using right powered printers at the right nodes in your office infrastructure. With this you can not only save significantly on the cost of consumables, clutter-free floors, electricity, and professional manpower, but also reduce the TCO for your printer network. With smart and efficient features like pool printing, duplex printing and print quota allocation and authorization you can save a lot on consumables and operational costs. We also support you with our experience in purchase of equipments and stationary reducing significantly on costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Capital Expenses to Operational Expenses:
Sanctum Technologies help you to convert your capital expenses to operational expenses through its Print Fleet Management solution. While we take the complete cost of ownership with spares, repairs, upgrades and consumables, you just engage us for operational expenses on a cost per print model. You just spend when you print!

With MPS from Sanctum Technologies, we can help you to receive the best cost benefits with smart printing infrastructure and updated technology.


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